January 20, 2023

Ambitious Town Deal project secures outline planning permission

AN ambitious project to create a brand new enterprise hub as part of a redeveloped Leconfield Industrial Estate has secured outline planning consent.

Enterprising Town is one of four projects that make up the Cleator Moor Town Deal which secured £40.9m in funding  – with £22.5m coming from the Government’s Towns Fund and a further £18.4m from match funders.

The proposed 4,000 square metre hub building, which forms a major element of Enterprising Town, would become the new focal point of the Leconfield Industrial Estate, helping to create links between existing tenants, outside users, the education and skills sector, the Cleator Moor community and the wider public. 

It includes a car park to the front of the building with space for 100 vehicles.

Copeland Borough Council’s Planning Committee has this week approved the development in principle pending the submission of more detailed plans in the future.

Bob Metcalfe, Chair of the Cleator Moor Town Deal Board, said: “This is a major step forward for the Enterprising Town project as it will go on to act as a catalyst for growth and a whole host of economic and social benefits for Cleator Moor and the wider community for a generation.

“We now know that the redevelopment of the Leconfield site, including the development of a hub providing a range of exciting possibilities for the future, has secured planning approval in principle.

“This isn’t full planning permission. But it does mean that we can go on to develop more detailed plans so that they can be resubmitted further down the line.”

The wider Enterprising Town project includes the refurbishment of some existing units on the Leconfield Industrial Estate, landscaping and improved biodiversity.

Work has already taken place to clear part of the estate previously used by a skip company, tidying the area to make way for the proposed hub building in the future.

Once completed, the hub building will form part of iSH (Industrial Solutions Hub) – a wider project of international significance designed to create jobs and opportunities for businesses and organisations to collaborate and enhance skills while harnessing a range of economic and social benefits on behalf of the community.

It was announced this week that Copeland Borough Council had been successful in securing £20m of investment from the Government’s Levelling Up Fund for Phase II of the iSH Enterprise Campus. 

John Maddison, iSH Managing Director, said: “The hub building will provide a focal point for innovation and diversification and will bring businesses, organisations and the community together to collaborate in a physical space with relevant equipment and facilities, increasing capability, and creating jobs and opportunities for people living in the area, benefiting our communities and the environment.”

For more information on the Cleator Moor Town Deal visit: cleatormoortowndeal.org.uk




Notes to Editors


For immediate release.

On July 27, 2019, the Prime Minister announced that the Towns Fund would support an initial 101 places across England to develop Town Deal proposals, to drive economic regeneration and deliver long-term economic and productivity growth. See further details of the announcement: PM speech at Manchester Science and Industry Museum – GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)

A Town Deal is an agreement in principle between government, the Lead Council and the Town Deal Board. It will set out a vision and strategy for the town, and what each party agrees to do to achieve this vision. See the 101 places being supported to develop Town Deals: list-of-100-places.pdf (publishing.service.gov.uk)

Each of the 101 towns selected to work towards a Town Deal also received accelerated funding in 2021 for investment in capital projects that would have an immediate impact and help places “build back better” in the wake of Covid-19. View a list of accelerated funding by place: towns-fund-accelerated-funding-grants.pdf (publishing.service.gov.uk)

This release was prepared by 32West on behalf of Copeland Borough Council and the Cleator Moor Town Deal Board. 


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